American Family Road Trip

JD & Britney + our 7 kids

It’s been four years of living tiny, we follow where the Lord leads, love traveling, and spend our time encourage families to get better at being together. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter, it comes with a morning checklist to start your day off right and all our best updates.Hope to see you on the road.

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Hey Y'all

We hope this place connects you and our family easier than ever, gives you the encouragement needed to focus on your family first, find adventure in your life, and above all points you to Jesus.
My name is Britney Lott, I am a born and raised Texan, wife of a wavy-haired man- JD, mom of 7, entrepreneur, and a veteran of the US Air Force Reserves. Howdy! Growing up I have always had a love for people, old to young, and everyone in between. We believe relationships are the currency of life, and encouraging families feeds the soul. My greatest adventure began back in 2008 in the dusty city of Kirkurk, Iraq when JD and I met on the flight line.
JD was on his second deployment to Iraq when I fell in love with him. We were married within days of JD returning home from deployment, and are still happily married, only now with lots of littles running around. JD is the leader of our home, entrepreneur, financial adviser, and built our entire renovated bus, by himself!
In fact, while a lot may have changed over the years, most importantly we have responded intentionally to God’s call on our lives, we have kept a sense of adventure and in 2018 when God clearly called us to build our bus, sell our possessions and move full time on the road we were excited to follow. We had no idea where we were going but, already years into our adventure, we are so grateful for the wonderful places and people God has brought us to.
As we continue on this journey, we hope you will enjoy following along…

Roll Call

Here's an intro to the team:
- JD, 37: Dad... hug mama, wrestle babies, eat meat, repeat
- Britney, 34: Mom, loves spending time with her hubby and babies, plans all the best travel spots, and always needs a photo
- Gunner, 11.75: reads about a book a day in between wrestling up his little brothers, quick to make you smile
- Kinsey, 9: hobbies include dancing, cooking, painting, and telling her baby brothers stories
- Schofield, 7: remembers everything, knows tons of jokes, loves toast and brushing his teeth
- Audie, 5: wrestles siblings professionally, enjoys pushups and sneak attacks
- Swift, 4: especially sweet and squishy, loves laughing and snuggly wugglies
- Uriah, 2: tells it like it is, very patient during diaper changes, needs to be read to often
- Quil, 6 months: sleeps a lot, on a strict milk-only diet, no you can’t touch him


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